For whom is chiropractic suitable and who may not be treated?

In general, welwyn chiropractic is suitable for all ages. Even infants can benefit from early treatment to sleep more soundly, have fewer digestive problems, and get rid of any blockages that may have developed from childbirth. Students, desk jockeys, athletes, pregnant women, seniors, and people with limitations/disabilities can all be treated in a way that is appropriate for their situation and age due to our wide range of treatment techniques.

However, in a few cases there are contraindications that do not allow us to provide treatment. If your problem should be urgently clarified by a doctor, if there are too severe injuries, if an MRI/X-ray is needed or if there is another disease underlying your problem, your chiropractor will not be able to treat you. However, we will be happy to help you determine what steps to take next, which specialist would be a good contact for you, or what diagnostics are needed.

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I am pregnant, can I still be treated?

Pain or no pain – treatment during pregnancy always makes sense. Due to the changed body statics in a pregnancy, back pain or similar problems can often occur. Do not torture yourself! Using gentle, low jerk techniques, a chiropractor can help well even in far advanced pregnancy. The more pain-free you are heading into delivery, the better for you and your baby.

Even if you don’t have back pain (yet), it’s worth seeing a chiropractor. He or she can find out for you whether all the joints that should be well mobile and optimally positioned for the birth are so. In this way, fine-tuning the pelvis can significantly simplify the birth process and prophylactically avoid possible complications.

When can I register my baby for a check-up or treatment?

In general, it is never too early for a treatment! If your child has developed tension or blockages due to pregnancy, labor or birth, these can be discovered and treated in the first few days.

However, if you would simply like to register your child for a check-up, we recommend that you wait until the child is about 3 months old. During this time, your child builds up enough muscles that several things and abilities can be checked in one examination.

What do I need to bring to a treatment?

You can help us with your first appointment by printing out the necessary forms in advance, filling them out and bringing them with you to your first treatment. To do this, download the registration and medical history forms as well as the data protection consent as a PDF and bring them with you printed out and filled out.

If you already have reports on your current concerns, please bring all reports and images with you to your first appointment. You will also need a towel for the treatment bench and tight, short clothing (alternatively athletic underwear).

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